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Hooks Patents

This section will show just some of the hundreds of interesting and unusual “hooks” and variations that hopeful inventors have patented over the years. I think you will enjoy looking at these and maybe even get a laugh or two.

These are in pdf format since they are often multiple pages.

Van Vleck hook

Transparent fishing hook

Teolling hook

Super setter plastic fishing hook

Stealth Hook

Shrimp and minnow adapter fish lure

Schwarzer fishing hook

Retractable barbless fishhook

N Trolling fish hooks

Improved fish hook

Fishing tackle

Fishing hook with thickened neck portion

Fishing hook jamison barbless

P. F. Halferty fly hook

W. Shakespeare, Jr fish hook

A. R. Labunde fishhook

C. H. Liebe fishhook

L. N. Forsyth fishhook

V. C. Kahle fishhook

J. T. Hastings fish hook

C. E. Cripe fish hook

M. W. Koski fishhook

R. Wright fish hook

Barbless fish hook

Clamper fishhook

Skoverski fishhook snell hook

Artificial Lure

Attachment for fish hooks

H. C. Pennell fish hook

M. H. Butler fish hooks

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