Old Cars

My dad and his car outside our first home to the far left. Sure would like to have that car now or even the old coupe in the driveway

The boys drinking beer. Dad is on the far right.

Whatta pair of delivery trucks!

Dad at the pump.

Dad outside the station? I wish he were still here so I could ask him about these photos. Unfortunately I found them after he passed away.

Dad and a car.

The service station in Wisc..

Some of dad’s friends and him. He is 3rd from the right.

The catch of the day!

Dad and a couple of his friends. He’s on top!

Not a car but I like it so it’s here.

Me and a ’36 Chevy I paid $5 for. Kind of a rust bucket.

Early limo.

Dad (on top of the outhouse) and a buddy. Again, no cars but I like the photo.

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