Dave Gotzmer

I am in my 58th year, and have been happily married for 30 of those years. I spent my teenage years in the Sixties and served in Vietnam and can best be described as a “Usual Suspect “ of my era. I grew up fishing and live in an area that has excellent mountain trout fishing just a brief walk from my door. I teach school as a profession and Guide part time during the summer months.

All my days are written in each wrap of thread I apply to these flies. My flies exhibit a connection to history and fishibility but, in the long run, I tie simply as a form of expression; certainly no different than a musician, writer, or painter. I believe that if properly done, flies can evoke emotional response and personal experiences. Like all people, I tend to get frustrated when I just can’t seem to say what I mean to say.


DC Tribute

Feather Dance


McIntyre Variation

Summer Blaze

The Pheasant




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