Robert Schreiner

I’ve had my own plumbing business in Southampton Pa.since 1978, which pretty much explains why, my hands look the way they do, chewed up and callused. Glad you don’t need to have pretty hands to tie flies. Started fly fishing and tying back in the early ninety’s. Since it was easier to find time to tie flies then it was to fish, that’s pretty much what I concentrated on. Then our T.U. chapter sponsored a tying contest at a local sport show back in 1995. Wasn’t going to enter it but my wife and daughter said I should give it a try so I did. Well I won, and it gave me a whole new reason to continue learning as much as I could. During the following years I took classes from as many different tiers as I could. I kept entering contests on the east coast and continued to do well. I know that the tying public is mixed when it comes to entering contest but all I can say is, this is where I learned most of the real fine points in tying and would encourage others to give it a try. Then I entered the Mustad Scandinavian contest in Norway and have won two bronze, two silver and six gold medals, five are in the dry fly category. Also entered the Irish open and won two gold medals there also. I’ve been invited to tie at the International Fly tying Symposium and the Fly Fishing Show and enjoy passing on what I have learned over the years. My passion has been tying dry flies but I’m really enjoying tying these streamers. Ronn saw some of the ones I’ve tied and asked if I would post them on his sight. Feel a little out of place with all the beautiful salmon flies but realize that a lot of the same techniques are needed to tie streamers also, which makes them a good stepping stone to tying the full dress salmon flies. Thanks Ronn.
Keep Tying,

Robert Schreiner

Black Cat

Boss Muddler

Colonel Bates


Dr. White

Gray Ghost

Happy Garrison

Queen Marie

Streamer 1

Streamer 2

Winters Day

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