Harry Lemire

Over the years it has been my pleasure to meet a good many tyers both those who ply the craft in anonymity and high profile tyers whose work is instantly recognizable. Harry Lemire is one of the true gentlemen of the craft. A soft spoken, dignified man, Harry has managed to learn to tie flies that have that have a certain vintage look to them. And, he ties his flies in hand! At any tying demo, his table is always buried under a crowd of onlookers as he assembles his flies in an unhurried and intensely focused manner.

I’m lucky to be able to call Harry my friend. If you ever get the chance to meet him, you would too.


Harry Lemire

Hi ‘Harry Lemire, here. A little bit about myself .

I’ve been fishing and tying flies for most of my life ,with steelhead being my biggest passion. And as my wife says I’m either fishing or getting ready to go.

The getting ready to go part include a lot of fly tying and after a while you end up with one hell of a lot of flies. I needed something more in my tying, I needed more of a challenge , I needed creativity. well in 1990 my wife seeing my dilemma gave to me the book “How To Dress Salmon Flies” by T.E. Pryce-Tannatt, and said, here this will keep you busy.

In this book were all the instructions on how to tie full dress Atlantic salmon flies the old way. The way they did it before vises were invented. I went through the book from cover to cover twice and couldn’t wait to get started. well it’s been over sixteen years now ,and I’m just as excited about it now as I was then. Here is a sample of what I’ve learned from that wonderful book.

Harry Lemire.


Bally Shannon

Black and Gold

Black Dog

Black Jay

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Black Orpheus


Fairy King

Fall Caddis

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Golden Byrel

Green Tag

Green Tag

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Grahms Fancy



Killerney and Tay

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Inver Green

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Skagit Dee



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White Wing Moonlight

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