Dave Carne

I’m a graphic designer working in Cumbria (The Lake District) – though I originally hale from ‘Darn Sarf’ just outside Oxford. I came back to fly fishing in early 2005 after a break of almost 25 years, having given it up when I went to college. I’m (extremely!) lucky to live within 100 yards of a trout fishery and only 5 miles from excellent sea trout and salmon fishing.

…Predictably it only took a few months before I found some thin excuse to restart an unhealthy obsession with covering our front room carpet with bits of fluff, tinsel and ‘sticky deposits’

I’m pleased to say ‘I’m finally starting to get there’. I like to keep my flies at a ‘sensible’ 1/0 or 3/0 size and am particularly enjoying Irish patterns (the assorted Fancy’s etc) at the moment. At least for the forseeable future I intend to stick with tying ‘classics’.

I’d like to say that everyone I’ve been in touch with on the net has been of great help, particularly John Mc, Mr Ostoj and young Mr McPhail – thanks!

All the best, Dave.

Maxwell Wilkinson

Bonne Bouche



Childers 3


Childers 2



Green Parson

Tolfrey Pattern Doctor

Maxwell Wilkinson


Smith on a Lucas Noble P #4 traditional hook

Untitled on a Lucas Noble P #4 traditional hook

Wild Irishman

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