Kjell-Ove Karlsen

I am 42 years old, I live in a small place in northern Norway called Kjerringøy. In my home area are two small rivers with salmon and seatrout in. I have a small boat that is primarily on the sea too fish and take pictures of wildlife and nature. I have fished all my life but got addicted to fly fishing 6 years ago and my addiction for tying started 5 years ago. I started tying the classics 3 years ago. For me it is kind of magic to catch fish with flies and particular the old classics. I have put more into my tying the last 12 months and have bought much more and good materials. I have a lot to learn about tying. I mostly tie because I have great fun when I tie. All my flies are for fishing. I have caught salmon on some of the classics I have tied such as the Jock Scott, Green Highlander, Akroyd, and Orange Parson. This season will be the first time I will have used silk gut on my flies. It will be fun to see how this works out. At the moment I am studying history, and I have plans to take a master in history. If I could choose to, I would just fish, take pictures and tie flies rest of my life but I must have some income for my living. Maybe I’ll be a teacher, PS not in english hehe

An Eagle

One Whale

Several Ducks

Sunset in Norway

Two Eagles

Two Whales

Mixed Wing

Mixed Wing

The Kendle



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