Long Nguyen

I’m a highschool student living in Norway. For me, flytying is the greatest hobby that is, it’s fun, and you get a lot of friends throughout the internet. At the same time, you may discuss with people, share experience etc, that’s what I have done a lot of lately.

I mostly tye classic salmon flies, such as married wing that the old masters tyed. My favorite salmon fly is the Jock Scott, but I also like to tye old flies that is not very known, such as many of Blacker’s flies etc. When I tye salmon flies, I prefer to use real matherials. So for a normal student as me, I spend all my savings for this cool hobby.

A thing that many people find strange by me, is that I don’t fish..! I tye a lot, so much as I have time to, but still I haven’t used any of my flies yet.


Long Nguyen


Jock Scott

Killernary and Tay (Blacker)


Silver Ardea

The Chatterer

The Childers (Kelson)

The Colonel

The Gula

Traherneres Wonder



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