Andy Boekholt

My name is Andy Boekholt, 37 years old, I live with my wife and two daughters in Spijkenisse, The Netherlands. I work as a piping/welding supervisor on oil refineries. My interest in fly fishing and fly tying started in 2002, after tying dry flies for some time I wanted to try something more difficult. The first full dressed Salmon Fly I’ve tied I showed in a local shop and it was spotted by Bas Verschoor (a well known Classic Fly dresser from The Netherlands) and then he invited me for a workshop with Marvin Nolte. After the workshop I improved my skills. I’m tying Classic Salmon Flies for about 1.5 year now and after each fly I see more improvement. I realize now that it is very important to use high quality feathers and like searching on the internet for good quality but it is hard to find these days.

When I want to go fly fishing I really like to go to Norway and Denmark, I go there every year, I’d like to go more often but unfortunately I don’t have enough time.

Now recently I’ve started to save my collection in a cabinet, it is possible to put about 350 flies in it, I’ve finished 3 slides already (pictures included) and of course I will update when I finish more.

Blacker Spring Fly

Cockeye BARON


Red Drummond

The Baron

The Champion

The Lion

The McIntyre

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