Bruno Pimpanini

Hi, my name is Bruno Pimpanini. I am a graphic and product designer living in Paris, in France.

I was introduced to fly fishing 15 years ago. Day after day I started to tie trout flies, and flytying taken a place much more significant than fishing.

For a few years the Paris’Fly fair has organized a meeting with tiers of different nationalities, some of them tying classic and artistic salmon flies.

I found them impassioned by this activity and discovered a particular and attractive world. My meeting with Jean Paul Dessaigne reinforced this first perception. He initiated me with specificities and techniques of tying traditional salmon fly and he transmitted his passion to me, meeting after meeting. Jean Paul is a formidable person who does not hesitate to share his experimenting and his knowledge with other fly dressers.

Today tying classic salmon flies is a true passion for me. Discovering the history of certain patterns and famous tyers, the knowledge of the rare feathers and their characteristic, the perpetual research of the perfection (harmony of the colors, perfection on tying tinsel, silk, feathers, proportions of the wing and the body with the hook…) means I devote much time to this discipline that I regard as an art.

My preferred pattern is the “Black Dog” and today I try to create my own patterns.

This passion brings to me much joy today. The meetings on the Net through “flytying forum”, during buying rare feathers and visiting shows, become increasingly numerous and it’s a human enrichment.

My wish is to continue tying classics flies to progress, learn and communicate, meet other tiers, and to hopefully pass this passion to my son, so that it brings as much pleasure for him as I receive …

I’d like to say that everyone I’ve been in touch with on the net has been of great help, particularly John Mc, Mr Ostoj and young Mr McPhail – thanks!

Thank you very much Ronn to give me the possibility of presenting my flies


Black Dog


Floodtide 2

Green Highlander

Green Dream

Lady Caroline




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