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1. The Group - Wayne Luallen

2. Like to Dye Imitations - Here's a Good One - John Pike

3. Floss Burnishers - Marvin Nolte

4. A Source - Wayne Luallen

5. Salmon Dry Flies - Alec Jackson

6. How to Make Lapel Pins - Judy Lehmberg

7. "New" Gut Eyes - Dennis Trudeau

At last we're off the ground. Hopefully we'll put this letter out four times a year. However, to do so two things are necessary: (1) Articles - keep them fairly short, as we're trying to keep this letter down to 8 pages, and (1) Your $5.00 to cover postage and paper. I'll let you know how things go in the next letter.

-Your Editor
- Bob Graham
- Bellevue, Washington